Welcome to the website of novelist M D Mascaro,
       author of YA fantasy and women's romantic comedy.


Things are going great for Jenn, a talented young architect from Hoboken, NJ.  She's finally found a nice guy, closed on her very own brownstone, and her career is advancing rapidly at Rivera Architectural Associates. 


But everything changes when she learns the truth about her boyfriend at work and completely loses it during a crucial presentation with their biggest client. Her boss, Carl, is forced to choose between losing the client or Jenn so he lets her go, but he's understanding enough to help her get another position.


The new job comes with the challenge of a lecherous boss, who happens to be Carl's best friend.  To complicate matters, Carl wants to date her now that she is no longer under his employ.  But how can she focus on Carl with all the drool-worthy construction hunks parading through her  brownstone?


Jenn's friends encourage her to give nice-guy Carl a chance but devious new boss, Don, plans on keeping Jenn for himself - any way he can. 


Jenn's romances get her into more mishaps than a monkey with a nail gun in this fun, fast-paced new novel by M. D. Mascaro.

© 2017 by M. D. Mascaro

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